Tips For Finding Job Opportunities.

Finding for job opportunities can be an experience of exhaustion, grinding, and frustration. Many employers hold high qualifications for potential candidates, which can be discouraging. But don’t give up your search. Here are three tips to help make your search for employment a little easier, and hopefully it will succeed.

Ignore required qualification
Everyone looking for employment has got a great list. You then discover that the employer has a list of qualifications a mile long, and you only meet a few of them. Don’t worry about qualification. Recruiters call the applicant who matches all these qualifications as “Purple Squirrel.” Why the “Purple Squirrel”? Because that ideal applicant does not exist in real life. You may have education but no work experience. Or you have experience but your degree is from a community college and not the four-year university as they would like. If you feel that you can do the job, regardless of the qualifications required, then apply for it. The worst that can happen is that they say thank you, but not thank you. If this happens, then you are no worse off before you apply.
Use social media shamelessly

No one wants all their friends and family to know that they are searching for job opportunities. This is a personal matter that many people do not like to share. Unfortunately, by not sharing their quest for employment, they are limiting their field of possibilities. If you post the type of position you are looking for on social media, you have exponentially increased your chances of finding employment. It may be that your cousin’s boyfriend has an uncle who needs a new associate lawyer. Your mother may have played bridge with the manager of the local nursing home. By asking your friends and family for help, you are making sure that you have cast your net as widely as possible.

Apply for each post individually
When an employer wants to fill an opening, they will receive a lot of applications. Stacking your application is the fastest way to work. To make your application stand out, you will have to tailor each for a specific position. Finding work can be a numbers game, where you can send as many resumes as possible. Unfortunately, recruiters and hiring managers can get a general resume about a mile away. Sit down and spend an hour to resume and cover your letter to fit the position you want. This will show the hiring person that you are interested in that specific position, not just any opening available.

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