Indian Army Various Job Opportunities.

What are you looking at? What are you dreaming of ? What are you hoping for ? a bigger life a better life or a life worth remembering truth is you can study all you want and learn nothing you can work very hard and never bear the fruit of your labour you can try and never be good enough. You should have you don’t spend this life doing things you do things to earn it this is a life where every day isn’t every day this is a career at India’s most exciting workplace the life of an officer of the Indian Army a life less ordinary.

Here’s where you begin the National Defence Academy the NDA the NDA doesn’t just give you a bachelor’s degree it takes young boys fresh out of school and turns them into gentleman and scholar warriors from wielding guns to 25-kilometer runs two lessons and team spirit and leadership. It is India’s most meaningful undergraduate program give it three years and it will give you three words to live by service before self that’s a life well bigger. Let’s take it to the next level the Indian military academy the IMA warfare tactics camaraderie and Brotherhood the IMA trains you in the ways of an officer not only does its sharpen your combat skills it hones your instincts and polishes your intent the IMA teaches you to manage time men and moments of crisis. It turns aspiring soldiers into well-rounded gentlemen armed with valour and wisdom for the country for life and this life gives you a third chance to make it your own. The officers training academy the OTA we’re both lady and gentleman cadets trained for 49 weeks to dedicate 10 to 14 years of youthful vigour to the nation as commissioned officers.

Once you complete your tenure you can opt for a permanent Commission as many do but that’s for later now you’re an officer congratulations you’ve earned a career at India’s most exciting workplace. What next what are you looking at what are you dreaming of what are you hoping for a uniform a gun or the opportunity to be very thing you want to do the Indian Army offers. You the career you want to pursue the infantry is the backbone of the Armed Forces and performs an important role in maintaining peace and tranquility on the borders besides attack advance and defence the infantry undertakes a host of operations across varied terrains and climatic conditions depending on the need of the earth needless to say your life there will never be adventure and adrenaline shooting as a foot soldier.

You can be a foot soldier or a foot soldier on wheels the mechanized infantry regiment is one of the youngest regiments of the Indian Army. It tactfully combines men with machines to achieve the kind of mobility that keeps enemies on their toes and more often than not on the run is where you belong the army puts an armored fortress at your command maneuvering through challenging territory and crushing every obstacle in their path tanks have an appetite for impact and needs to Match. Whenever they make a strong statement, they act in shock. 40 guns are the loudest guns.. Your exploits in the artillery let you locate the enemy back a punch from miles away and pave the path for your fellowmen to finish the job you also get to work with multi barrel rocket launchers unmanned aerial vehicles and other forms of artillery firepower and you get to be called a gunner how’s that for exciting it’s not always about the offense though your expertise depends on is from enemy air attacks with guns besides and radars. You draw a line and the enemy shall not pass whether through feedback or building bridges at impossible altitudes the army will always find new ways of being constructive the Corps of Engineers has many astonishing feats to its credit among them is challenging the notion that the life of an engineer is boring at your finger tips that’s where the army puts the latest technology.

So do you want to defend the country with a satellite phone or a keyboard maybe you’d prefer a robot as you have seen your life in the ground forces will know no limits not even the sky enough set this is the only organization that lets you be everything you want to be you want to be a doctor here’s where you should be one a teacher why not a career in logistics yes. Electronics of course mechanics ditto you want to be an intelligence agent just ask there’s so much you can achieve here and if each one of these fine couriers doesn’t push your buttons here’s one more the Special Forces the only voluntary Regiment in the Indian Army. Where sacrifice is both duty and privilege, we transform a soldier into a tough war machine in 90 days of rigorous training. We’re the deadliest weapons are those that breathe what are you looking at what are you dreaming of what are you hoping for a promising career exceptional colleagues or a life of fulfilment.

This is the only organization that lets you be everything you want to be and in return it wants you to be more it lets you work hard and play harder it lets you play for the nation. It lets you follow your passions and learn something new each day not just a social bee the army grooms you into a well-rounded individual a leader a decision-maker but that’s not all it teaches your children. Let’s you grow learn and discover it gives you the opportunity to serve abroad as part of the UN peacekeeping force the army looks after your family and you even after you retire and it prepares you for a second career should you choose to pursue one look no further. This is India’s most exciting workplace where your country is your workstation where the world is your office where your quality of life has no comparison where respect matters much more than designations your sacrifices are remembered the value of life revered and heroes never forgotten here your existence takes on more dimensions than you believe. Your shoulders can Gary here is where you become the best you can be this is your life our life you never imagined a life you can only dream of come join India’s most exciting workplace the Indian Army live a life less ordinary.

Indian army various job opportunities

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