How to start IBPS PO Interview Preparation & Tips.

How you should start your preparations for the IBPS – Po mains interviews. In the interview basically four types of questions are asked Personal question. Why you want to enter the banking industry?. What does your father do?. What is your work experience?. These are some personal questions that the interview panel is going to ask you. About the current affairs. So you need to read the newspaper for the interview day and for the last few weeks. It is very important, you need to read about the current affairs related to banking. Banking you need to read about how RBI works? if one of the person from interview panel had worked in PNB Or Bank Of Barodra. He might ask – what is the location of head office of Bank Of Barodra. Who is the current CMD of Bank of Barodra. so these are some basic questions about banking.

I am going to discuss about these questions in detail Normal GK the syllabus of GK is very vast but i am going to discuss few questions along with the answers: Why do you Want to enter the Banking Industry? there is no tailor made answer to that particular question. Ask your self why do you want to enter the Banking Industry? If you are an Engineer then Why Banking? Why not big engineering firm or a big industry? Why Banking? you can make more money in that particular industry but Why banking? A good answer can be I love to help people. I see a good potential growth in the banking industry. I want to became a scale II office and within next two or three years, I see myself on scale two or scale three within 5 years you can make your answer in that particular path. This is my answer. your answer can be different. if your father/mother are in banking industry you can say that we people have a stable lifestyle, I like stability so I want to enter the Banking industry.

So many of you are not working from last 5-6 Months 0r 1 year because you are preparing for the IBPS PO Exam Or SBI PO exam. so you are not working. Interviewer are going to ask you why you are not working from last 1 year or 2 year . your answer should be if it depends upon the time period in which you are unemployed. If that period is like 6 months 7 months upto 1 year be honest like I was preparing for IBPS PO Exam sit is very difficult exam I need to prepare for the that so I can’t prepare for the exams while doing the job. So a dedicated preparation plan was required that’s WHY I left my job I didn’t appear for the campus placement interview so that was I was unemployed from 1 or 6 months. but if you are unemployed from more than 1year I ask you why ? there are people who are not working at all from last 2 year or 3 years. that is not right. Do some job at least right for us. I think you have a lot of experience right for hours. Teach students, take tuitions do any part time job. you should do work actually I don’t think if you are not working from last 3 years. There are a lot of people who are not working from last 4 years. There is no specifically for the male candidates. It is a very bad point from your part. If you are a female then there are kind of points My parents didn’t allow me to author a small private sector unit. I got married. I had kids. you have a very strong point. next question Can you move to another city? your answer should always be yes. If you say no they are going to fail you. No matter what it is not in your hand say yes I can shift to any other city in India.

Next question if you are already working in some private organisation ?the interviewer is going to ask you why want to leave your previous job why you want to join this big sector bank? you should have a strong answer you can never say like there is a lot of workload or I need to work a lot you need to work a lot in Bank let me make it very clear. if you are saying like I got frequent transfer you can’t say like that because they are going to let lot of transfer in the banks as well in the first few years. Some people get 2 or 3 some people are who never get any transfer. so that is the point why you left your previous job? a good answer can be again I see a better job prospectus in the banking industry. there is a lot of growth potential in the banking industry. what is your father do? why don’t you join your father business? if your father is a good businessman.

Why do you want to join the banking industry? they think like if your father is making a good amount of the money you are going to join The bank but after few month you will feel like I can make more money in my father’s business. why should I join this Bank? because the bank is spending a lot of money on your training then further first 1 year you are not going to work a lot because it is your learning face so the bank is spending a lot on you at least 6-7 lakhs on each employee. so if you are leaving the bank after 1 year, then the bank need to do that whole procedure again it need to go to the IBPS then again give more vacancies. and the same procedure is going on more people are going to training and all so they don’t want such people if your father is having a good business then be pessimistic about your fathers business don’t bring upon your fathers business that my father is having a hosiery his turnover is 2 crore rupees or 3 crore rupees. dent use such words. why you leaving your company ?why you want to change the department right now you are working in sales and marketing? why u want to enter in the bank office or operating part? there are lot of personal question out there. you should be ready to answer those question a lot of questions were there. so I think that’s all about the personal questions.

How to start IBPS PO Interview Preparation & Tips.

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