How to prepare for exams in short time study ?

So this is a 30 day complete study plan including a detailed subject wise breakup for the preparation for exam 1. 2 Some optional plans so that you can plan your favorite plan 3 as a detailed hour-by-hour breakup of our individual study sessions, so that you can spend the next time you know how to get some smart study tips. To get the most out of The complete study plan is to help us complete our syllabus in a short time. Here we now have three days for subject two and one day for revision and one day for revision makes it a full week and thus We have four more weeks which gives us eight subjects and 28 days in total for the practice tests of the last two days. Now I have taken eight subjects and 30 days you can have more or less days or less subjects and I am going to help you in making this plan. This is your perfect personal plan.

Now drill down a bit more, we have three days per subject but what we need to study in these three days. Now you know that in your thirty to forty percent course you will get 70 to 80 percentage points. See you It is time for us to find out which core is which we get 70 to 80percent of our mark. So the day before, we are going to analyze your previous papers which can reach you for five-year papers or ten-year papers and here are three things you need to look at when you are going through those papers which are the first The paper is the pattern. Now look at each paper to see how it usually starts. How many questions are how many multiple choice questions. How many long answers are there, how many short answers are there, but just take a look at the whole paper pattern and whatever you have in ten years or five years, you will realize that now the examinees are not as creative as they are. We think they are your papers, this year will look like the papers of previous years. The second thing you want to notice is what these chapters are, these questions are coming from your syllabus and every time you look at a question and mark it against the chapter number, you are now short answer.

For mcqs s like m can be used. For long answer types and the third thing you want to look at is the mark scheme or answer books. Now you want to focus on key words / high-frequency words and also look at the answer and structure. How they really want the answer to be structured. Once analyzed, how do the marks break between different parameters or part of that answer. Previous papers will significantly reduce your stress levels as you are now truly aware. What to focus on day one is the other half and day two entirely for revision of those important concepts. The hour-by-hour timetable for planning these days and day three is for previous paper exercises and to note all topics that need further revision, repeat this pattern for all eight subjects And break the revision day that appears, in two parts for two different subjects.

Now that roughly completes a 28 day plan for us and before I get down to how we will structure those last two days, I give you a smart study tip now we need to prioritize important topics Need to, don’t start doing topics first. The order of the chapters of your textbook is now being told about the revision of those two days when you need to do the practice paper under the conditions of the exam at the exact time at which your exam will be held once , my exam was 3 o’clock in the afternoon and that was the right time when I nap, so it is important for you to sit in a chair these two days and you have a water table to set a timer on the table Should keep the bottle, but keep your phone outside the room and just cut out all the distractions and complete that whole paper at once. Now imagine that you are like a person who studies a subject for three full days. Does not like You can do half a day or a subject half a day.

Alternatively another subject for all six days. You can do subjects one and two for three and four days for one and two for three days and in the next week it should be reversed to allocate an equal amount of time for every subject that I can give you You look at your exams. Timelines Sometimes we come to know that a particular subject is like six or seven days in advance and two subjects are back-to-back on the same day, the smart study tip here is that Once you have allocated the number of days for the subject stop don’t keep doing a subject for eight or nine days and then find out that you don’t have time to study anything else. If you want to study many subjects in one day, plan number three and you think that what works for you, there are usually three types of subjects, numerically based subjects which are usually math and physics. Etc.

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