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It happens to most of us that we aren’t really sure about what subjects we should choose and what stream can be most fruitful for us. We end up taking courses which most of the people around us are taking, and at the end of the day, we always struggle in our life. So, I will be taking up this topic about how you can decide what is best for you and how exactly you can capitalise the potential that you have within you. It will be a series of touching up on all the important aspects in exploring the career opportunities that we have around us. Now, the most basic question that one can ask. On what basis do you choose your subjects after 10th standard ? I have asked this question to many students out there and here are the most common replies that I get. I just followed what my parents told me.

They decided it for me because they are more mature than me and they will always choose what’s best for me. My cousin chose the same subjects a few years back and today he is in a very good position, working in U.S. and is getting a really hand some salary, so it was only wise for me to go with the same set of subjects. All my friends were going with Science, so, I thought that it would be really good to be with my friends and do things together. Now, let me know in the polls above about what was your reason for taking up certain subjects after 10th standard. So as you can see, in all the cases, we never talked about what your interest was, rather, we talked about what your parents want you to do, or what is a sure shot way for success, because someone else followed the same path and became successful. But hey, you are different than anyone else out there, are not you? So, why follow the same path which you really aren’t sure about. We are living in a society where people have a very narrow mindset when it comes to career opportunities. I have seen many cases where parents tell their kids to choose a subject based on the marks they get in 10th standard.

If you manage to score more than 80%, you are bound to choose science. If you scored somewhere between 60-80%, you will be suggested to take up commerce and in case you got below 60%, you are looked upon as a hopeless creature and Arts is what people suggest to you. I know these days its CGPA or pointers kind of stuff but basics remain the same. So this whole system of taking up subjects it self is wrong. And trust me guys, it’s not your parents to be blamed, but it’s you who was unable to choose what was right for you. I will explain why it’s your fault with help of this example. So, one day, your parents come to you and they talk about what subjects you need you choose.

Since you got over 9 CGPA, they suggest you that Science is the best bet and even Sharma Ji son chose science a few years back. Look at him today, he’s quite successful. Deep down inside, you know that you aren’t interested in Science and you somehow manage to tell this to your parents in a very weak voice. They reply to this with a question, okay, so what do you wanna do? Now, guys, this is the point where things go wrong. You don’t know what you want to do with your life. You have never given a thought about it. You feel you are too young to decide all this and you don’t have any answer to this question. So you are left with no option other than choosing what your parents wanted you to, just because you didn’t know what you wanted to choose. So you get yourself admitted in a high school. You join different coaching classes by paying a hefty sum of money and it all gets frustrating for you. You don’t understand the subjects and you try harder every single day but in vain. Depression creeps in as you are always reminded of how much money your dad spent on your education and things start to get out of hand.

One in the morning, you just quit and you completely stop studying. You somehow manage to pass the 12th standard but your marks are very poor. Now, this continues throughout your life. You join some random college, getting pass marks and then hunting for a good job for years. Then someday, you settle on whatever job is on offering and work day and night, thinking of what went wrong with your life. You lead your life in complete mediocrity. This is the story of more than 75% of students in India after 10th Standard. So the question is, what could have you done upon being asked by your parents about the plans you have for your life? Now sit back, relax and do this counselling which I have to offer. Close your eyes and imagine that you are on a race track. You see many athletes warming up for a 100-metrerace and you are one of them. They are all ripped and they have been practising this for years now. And here you are, participating first time in the race. You are scared looking at your competition. You never ran very fast in your life but for some reason, you have been compelled to participate in this race. On the count of three, you start running with everyone else.

You give your best, you put in all your energy and muscle power but all you can see is athletes zooming past you. You finish last. You are being booed by the public and it seems like a nightmare to you. Open your eyes now. This is the exact thing you are doing while choosing a career. So the very first thing you need to do is self-realisation. Do you really think you are capable enough to compete with those who have been practising and waiting for this day? There will be a million of students appearing for the competition but do you think you can be in top 1%. Do you have that extraordinary trait? Once you ask yourself this question, you will be very clear if that stream is for you or not. Now I completely agree that hard work and dedication can help you achieve anything but the probability of you cracking that competition is around 1/100 which is really low. You have better chances in a Roulette game in the casino where your probability of winning is 1/36 and in case you win, you get 36 times of what you spend. But here, you spend lots of money on classes, coaching centre, only to lose in the long run. Now I agree that there are 10% of students who have that potential and they are the ones who actually compete in these exams, but other 90% are there, just to fail.

So, once you realise this, you can talk the same with your parents. You can tell them that spending this huge amount on this suggested stream will only be a waste of money. You now know what your potential is and you already are denying to join the rat race. Once this phase is done, start discovering about the things which you are interested in or things which you are good at? Because if you do what you like, you won’t have to put much effort or concentration on work as it will happen automatically and you will already be ahead of 90% of students who are in the rat race. It’s just like if you ask a cow and a lion to hunt, obviously a lion would hunt much better. But it doesn’t mean that a cow is useless and weak. It has its own strengths. It can provide milk and many other products which are really beneficial for humans. I will give you a real life example. I had a friend who dropped out of school in 12th standard. He too was forced to take up science but was unable to cope up with the syllabus. He stopped going to school and he failed his12th standard. Everyone thought that it was the end of his career but he dropped the plan of reappearing in exams and started devoting his time in computers and online stuff. He did many courses related to website building, computer programming and much more.

He started affiliate marketing and he built many websites online. Within 2 years, he was already started to make a good money for living, form his online business. By the time we finished our college and got the job, he had already made millions and gifted his Dad a brand new Skoda car. So, do you think he’s unsuccessful? No, in fact, he’s one of the most successful person I have seen in my life. He wasn’t good at Maths, Science, Arts or Commerce but he knew what he’s good at and what his skills are. He knew what he loves to do and he mustered the courage to stand against the society. He was laughed upon when he failed the 12th standard but today he’s making millions. So my point here is that you need to analyse what you are good at. You need to do things which you love to do. Work won’t seem like a hectic task and you already will be ahead of 90% of people in that race. You might be slow in a 100metres race but you already are a champion when it comes to Javelin throw. I agree that even this will need hard work, dedication, commitment, focus and much more but doing what you love has its own fun. All you will need is some patience and you will see yourself growing in no time. So guys broaden your mind to see the opportunities that you have in your life. Engineering, Medical, MBA, MS, CA and Government Jobs are not the only career opportunities. You have thousands of opportunities to choose from, just keep your eyes open for all the chances that life gives you. Now what all career opportunities we have today .I will be telling my view about what subjects they can choose and the right way to do so.

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