Bigg boss 10 start date

Bigg boss 10 start date – The famous Bigg Boss 10 is back with its new season Bigg Boss 10 and as sources have confirmed that the Bigg Boss 10 start date is 16th October 2016. The show, which is being aired since 2006, is a huge hit among the Indian masses.

About Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 10 started way back in 2006 when it was first started by Sony. Sony aired the show, from 2006 to 2007, after which the rights to the show were bought by Colors. Colors started airing the show with a new avatar and feel since 2007 and are still airing it on a yearly basis. The show which was 9 seasons and one spin-off versions to its credit are one of the highest grossing reality shows in the market. The basic ideology and concept behind the game show are, 10 house mates are chosen each, and they are made to stay with each other in the Bigg Boss house over a predetermined span of time. The contestants, who are called house mates are isolated from the rest of the world and are made to live together at the bigg boss house.

Bigg boss 10 start date

The Bigg Boss house is designed in a new way each time, and it always been a pleasure to the eyes. The common facilities that are available are as listed below-
  • 2 or 3 bedrooms– The Bigg Boss house generally has one or two bedrooms which are designed like dormitories. Each bedroom usually has an intake of 5 people sleeping in it at once.
  • Kitchen– The kitchen at the Bigg Boss house is well stocked, and the contestants are required to cook and prepare their own meals using the items available at the house. No professional help is available and no outside food item can be brought inside the house.
  • Activity Room– The activity room at the Bigg Boss house is where all the house mates exercise and do other activities.
  • Gym– The gym at Bigg Boss house is well stocked, and up-to-date with modern equipments so that the contestants are always in shape. Though there is no personal trainer, the gym is an attraction for the house mates, as most of them have well-toned bodies.
  • Swimming Pool the Bigg Boss house has a large swimming pool, which is used by the contestants for their daily exercise routines as well as leisurely activities.
  • Garden– There is no shortage of greenery at the Bigg Boss house, and so the house has a bigg garden, which serves as a picnic spot and other recreational activities.

This Year’s Housemates

As sources have confirmed, the house mates of this year’s Bigg Boss are as follows-
  • Radhe Maa
  • Shiney Ahuja
  • Armaan Jain
  • Nakshatra Bagwe
  • Rahul Raj Singh
  • Sunil Grover
  • Sana Saeed
  • Kabir Bedi


As the Bigg Boss 11 start date is approaching, the excitement of the masses is increasing in many folds. People have already started predicting the winners and there is no shortage of excitement in the crowd. Gear up for Bigg Boss 10 people, it’s almost here.

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Bigg boss 10 start date

Bigg boss 10 start date  – The famous Bigg Boss 10 is back with its new season Bigg Boss 10 and as sources have confirmed that the  Bigg B...